US-China Tensions

23rd July 2020

The new round of Sino-US tensions started after the US closed Chinese diplomatic mission in Houston over spying concerns along …

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Brent Climbs to Four-Month High on EU Stimulus Package

22nd July 2020

UNITED STATES As negotiations in Washington will continue, there was a bit of uncertainty over the timing of a fresh …

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EU Agrees on Recovery Fund: €390bn in Grants

21st July 2020

UNITED STATES The NASDAQ rebounded from last week’s losses to surge 2.51% on Monday on the back of significant gains …

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EU Recovery Fund Talks Gain Steam After a Stalemate at the Weekend

20th July 2020

There was a turnaround in market sentiment last week as some positive vaccine news made the headlines. Moderna’s experimental coronavirus …

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EU Summit Kicking off in Brussels

17th July 2020

UNITED STATES The risk on mood of Wednesday spilled over into Thursday and we ended up with having a green-coloured …

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Weak Chinese Consumption Data Turned Markets into Red Territory this Morning

16th July 2020

Positive news on two new vaccine trials supported the markets last evening, S&P gained 0.9%, Nasdaq closed 0.6% higher. The …

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US Markets Surge to a Five-Week High as Vaccine News Propels Some Optimism

15th July 2020

UNITED STATES News of the much talked about vaccine brought quite a bit of optimism to the financial markets which …

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Southern EU States Drum Up Support for Recovery Fund Ahead of Friday Meeting

14th July 2020

UNITED STATES The spectre, that is COVID-19, showed its hand in markets on Monday prompting a pullback in US stocks …

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Markets Open Higher Even as Sunday Notes Record Increase in COVID-19 Cases

13th July 2020

Sunday marked a record increase in global coronavirus cases with a 230k increase in cases recorded. The pool of countries …

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